Sandwell Virtual school are beginning to take expressions of interest and approach schools to offer the opportunity and support to engage with the Attachment Research Community standards to become certified as a Bronze, Silver or Gold school which recognises the valuable work that is happening

Why offer Trauma informed training?

It is estimated that as many as two-thirds of children undergo at least one significant traumatic experience including those relating to maltreatment, neglect, poverty or witnessing violence, with the proportion varying between schools and between geographical areas (Perfect et al., 2016).

Children in care and those with a social worker are disproportionately likely to have undergone traumatic experiences – indeed, they are generally the basis for intervention through the children’s social care system and it is increasingly recognised that children in care may exhibit post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or anxiety as a result (Goemans et al., 2016; Meltzer et al., 2003).

This is leading nationally to:

  • An increase in Suspensions and permanent exclusions, particularly for the most vulnerable.
  • 'behaviour' policies becoming ineffective.
  • Attendance being adversely affected.

By working with the Attachment Research Community, your Virtual school and the wider family of schools in Sandwell, this accreditation pathway aims to support schools to address the children’s mental health needs and therefore:

  • Reduce 'behaviour' incidents by supporting schools to re-evaluate 'behaviour' policies to move to a more relational based approach.
  • Reduce Exclusions and suspensions, which are particularly harmful to vulnerable children.
  • Improve attendance and engagement with school, which will improve vulnerable children's life chances.
  • Lead to a happier more harmonious school environment.

Virtual school offer to you:

  • Free ARC membership - which gives access to a range of resources, training, regional training, audit tool and good practice examples.
  • Dedicated Support from a member of the team from the beginning to accreditation.
  • Free online training offer from Jenny Nock.
  • Bespoke training offer for all school staff.
  • Support offer from a regional winner of the Alex Timpson

The certification journey:

For more information contact

Scott Johnson -

Lead Advisory Teacher for Children with a Social Worker (CWSW)

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